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New dreadlocks

£20 p/h + materials if extensions are used

New dreads from scratch, all natural or with added extensions. A full head, dreadhawk or just a few tucked underneath (partials/peekaboo dreads). I don't use wax or any other nasty products. Just me and my trusty crochet hook will transform your hair and start you on your dread journey. Various extensions are available, in human hair or synthetic, in a multitude of colours and lengths.

All maintenance and repair

£20 p/h

General tidy-ups, strengthening weak spots, locking in loose hairs, splitting large dreads, combining skinny dreads, tightening the roots and blunting/wisping tips.

Regular maintenance is recommended for new dreads, once mature they will need tending to less often.


See shop for prices

Temporary or permanent, human hair or synthetic. Full heads, partials, single-ended or double-ended extensions. Tied in next to your own hair for volume and variety, or dreaded onto the ends for extra length.  If you're not sure which would be the best ones for you, just get in touch and we can chat about it.

Box braids

£50 for the hair and 6 to 10 hours @ £20 p/h, depending on the thickness of your hair

24inch synthetic hair, in any colours of your choice, is braided into your own un-dreaded hair. This style is temporary and will need to be re-done every few months. 


Price by quotation

Let's get creative!

Special occasions, up-do's, dutch braids, jumbo braids,french plaits, fish plaits, princess style, flashes of colour or adding accessories and adornments.  Just let me know what you'd like :)


See shop for prices

I have various beautiful and practical accessories to go with dreads and regular un-dreaded hair.  Please see my shop for details.  I also have various coloured/sparkly/feather hair that needs to be attached in person, with a tiny bead. Any particular requests? Just ask!

Dread removal

£20 p/h

If for some reason you want or need to have your dreads removed, then get in touch. Rather than brushing them out, I use a crochet hook and coconut oil to tease them apart, tfor minimal hair loss.

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